Guided Hikes

Guided Hikes
Great Ocean Road

Saturday 8 December 2012

gorgeous summer walking

Upgrading our walks.
Enjoy newly resurfaced paths and well constructed stairs designed for comfortable walking. The world-class Surf Coast Walk is reinventing itself as one of Australia’s finest walking tracks. Come and enjoy a walk as the sea breeze keeps the land at a pleasant walking temperature. The coast is looking green and lush after our terrific Spring rains. Our water falls are running and the streams are glistening. Nesting and migratory birds are arriving along the coast, including Latham’s Snipe coming all the way from Siberia for the summer period. The endangered Hooded Plover is nesting along the high tide mark and we are hoping for some good survival rates this year. Book a walking holiday with us now.

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Step off the Great Ocean Road to explore.

Summer on the Coast
Summer on the Surf Coast means crisp sunrises over the ocean, surfers carving out clean ocean swells, and gorgeous sunsets. It’s a time to relax, enjoy and reinvigorate. We’ve been spotting koalas, seals and amazing orchids on our walks. Cool waterfalls are running after good Spring rains and mountain streams are full of life.

As the weather warms it’s great to experience all there is to offer on this beautiful coast. Fish are spawning in the inlet, the herons and egrets are here for the summer and all around life is good. It feels great to be part of an environment where migratory birds like the Shearwater find a home, the rock pools teem with Periwinkles and Neptune’s Necklace, and even the echidna are out and about.

Our walks are a great way to get close and personal with the natural world. Step off the treadmill and join us.

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Sunday 11 September 2011

Spring on the Surf Coast

Leather-back Turtle Aireys Inlet
It’s Spring on the Surf Coast and that means gorgeous blue sky days interspersed by Spring winds and dramatic swells. The temperatures are creeping up and it’s so nice to feel the warm sun on your face!

 For Beach combers, the beach debris is producing interesting finds such as the Octopus Paper Nautillus shells and gorgeous feathers. The Cuttle- fish leave behind their backbones, sometimes even with the teeth marks of the predators that ate them!! Occasionally shark eggs can be found in the kelp strewn along the beaches.

 The Humpback and Southern right whales are completing their northern season along our coast and will be heading back to their winter feeding grounds in Antarctic waters. The Little Penguins can sometimes be seen along the Surf Coast and a recent extraordinary find of a Leather-back Turtle was quite a treat.

 For lovers of wildflowers, the coast is ablaze in the golds of the many flowering acacias. Orchids are popping up through the soft soils after the rain. Spring is such a special time to experience the coast as it comes out of its winter hibernation with a burst of colour.

The waterfalls are thundering at the moment, and glistening in the sunlight. This morning we saw a Tawny Frogmouth. It makes such an amazing vibrating sound. The Kookaburras are singing, the King Parrots are streaking by, and all around, new life is beginning. Walking along the streams and rivers brings the opportunity to spot a mating pair of Egrets or perhaps a Cormorant darting for a fish.

And one of the best ways to see it all is to walk along the coast or through the woodlands, heath and forests.  Why not come and join us!

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Wednesday 23 February 2011

Easter along the Surf Coast and Great Ocean Road

The Surf Coast on The Great Ocean Road changes with the seasons. As the hotter weather cools, walking is delightful on the coastal heath-land, on the beaches and in the cooler rainforest. The summer’s rain has filled the rivers and the waterfalls are gushing in the Lorne hinterland. We’ve  been exploring our special nooks and crannies.

Life is renewing along the coast: tree-ferns unfurl their new fronds, birds are singing and skylarking, lush vegetation is everywhere, and the flowers are starting to bloom. The King Parrots and the Cockatoos screech and holler as they play amongst the trees. The smaller Thornbills and Pardalotes stay well out of their way on the lower branches.

Along the coast the Easter swells are starting, producing long rollers like prancing horses. The waves crash in to the shore, sculpting and forming the cliffs and rock platforms. The beach is strewn with sea life making beachcombing a delight.

Our walks follow the moods of this beautiful coast. We follow the tides, the blooming seasons, the breeding cycles of the birds and the marine and coastal creatures.

It’s a glorious area. Come and explore it with us! Grab a few friends and family and book a date with us. Five or more people in one group for 10% discount in Autumn.

Our guides are passionate about this coast and our gourmet food is tempting!

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New Walk - Photographer's Bliss 1 Day

If you love the coast, love walking, want the opportunity and guidance to take photos that capture the essence and beauty of one of the most photographed coastlines on the planet, and want to take your photography to the next level, then this is the walk for you.

Our guide is both walks leader and photography teacher. The walk includes guide, gourmet lunch, morning and afternoon tea, transport. Bring own photographic gear.

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Thursday 23 September 2010

Art of Walking

Art of Walking - unique documentary follows three walkers along Australia’s most spectacular coastline.